This word ‘love’ has to be understood. What do we mean by the word ‘love’?

    One thing we certainly all mean is that it has a pull in it, great energy.

    When you fall in love, it is not that you do something — you are pulled in. It has a magnetic force.

    You gravitate towards the object of your love, you gravitate almost helplessly, you gravitate even against your will. It has a pull, a magnetic field — that’s why we call it ‘falling in love’. Who wants to fall? — but who can avoid it?

    When the energy calls you, suddenly you are no more your old self.

    Something bigger than you is pulling you, something greater than you is invoking you. The challenge is such that one simply runs into it headlong.

    So the first thing to understand is: love is a great energy pull.

    The second thing: whenever you fall in love, suddenly you are no longer ordinary; something miraculously changes in your consciousness. Love transforms you.

    Falling in love, a violent man becomes kind and tender. A murderer can become so compassionate, it is almost impossible to believe. Love is miraculous — it transforms the baser metal into gold.

    Have you watched people’s faces and eyes when they fall in love? — you cannot believe that they are the same persons. When love takes possession of their souls they are transfigured, transported into another dimension; and suddenly…and with no effort of their own, as if they are caught in the net of God.

    Love transforms the base into the higher, transforms earth into sky, transforms the human into the divine.

    These two things: first, love is an energy field — scientists will agree — second, love is a transforming force; it helps you to become weightless, puts you on your wings. You can move towards the beyond.

    Religious thinkers will agree that love is both God and electricity; love is divine energy.

    Bauls have chosen love because this is the most significant experience in man’s life. Whether you are religious or not makes no difference; love remains the central experience of human life. It is the most common and the most uncommon.

    It happens to everybody, more or less, and whenever it happens it transmutes you. It is common and uncommon. It is the bridge between you and the ultimate.

    Remember the three L’s: life, love, light.

    Life is given to you; you are alive. Light is present, but you have to make a bridge between life and light. That bridge is love. With these three L’s you can make a total way of life, a way of being, a new way of being.


If you relax, you accept;

acceptance of existence is the only way to relax.
If small things disturb you then it is your attitude that is disturbing you.

Sit silently;
Listen to all that is happening all around,
and relax,
and suddenly you will feel immense energy arising in you.

That energy will be felt first as a deepening of your breath.
Relax more and the breath goes deeper.
It becomes slow,rhythmic,and you can almost enjoy it;it gives a certain delight.
Then you will become aware that breath is the bridge between you and the whole.

By and by,suddenly you become aware that you are not taking these breaths-
they are coming and going on there own.
And so gracefully,with such dignity,with such harmonious rhythm…
Who is doing it?
Existence is breathing you.It comes into you,goes out of you.
Each moment is rejuvenates you,
each moment it makes you alive again and again and again…
Once meditation settles in you and you fall into rhythm with existence,,,compassion is a consequence.
Suddenly you feel you are in love with the whole and the other is no longer the other.
Everything becomes interrelated…